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MSB hydraulic hammer

MSB hydraulic hammer

MSB hydraulic hammer

What is a hydraulic hammer and what are its uses are always asked by newcomers in the field of road construction. South Persia Company is proud
Provide MSB hydraulic hammer to dear customers.

What is a hydraulic hammer? Hydraulic Excavator Hammer is always used as a plug-in for road construction machinery including excavators.
This hammer, which is sometimes called Peckers, has a very high destruction ability to the extent that it destroys any natural and artificial stone and is usually used to destroy buildings. The way this product works is that, with the pressure of the hydraulic oil behind it, it hits the target point in the form of a gallows and changes the intensity and speed of the impact according to the hardness of the target. To install this product on an excavator, a base valve is needed to fit the product. MSB and the famous hammer of this company MSB is a famous Korean company that has been producing these hammers for several years. This company also produces other products such as quick coupler and reaper.

In general, MSB hydraulic hammers have the following features:

Automatic control of oil flow to the hammer
The unique design of the cylinder to increase the power of hammer blows
Ease of repair and periodic inspections in the new hammer design


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