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The need to support production cycles and Iranian goods is the basic solution for the country’s economic leap. With the approach of buying Iranian products, it is possible to realize the support of Iranian labor and capital and take a fundamental step by improving the quality of domestic products. Therefore, the Zagros vajehmachine collection, relying on four decades of experience in the industry of road construction and mining machinery, as well as acting as the exclusive representative of two brands, Kobelco of Japan and Shantui of China, entered the field of production in Iran in 2015 and acted to localize the technology. to produce a new generation of Chantoi loaders in Iran. Also, with the construction of a factory with a space of over 35,000 thousand square meters in Shiraz Industrial City and also a 7,000 thousand square meter space in Shams Abad Industrial City of Tehran, which includes manufacturing and assembly sheds, painting hall and warehouse, it is a suitable platform for the activities of specialists. It has provided an insider in this industry, which has led to the addition of products: excavators, forklifts, etc. to the products of this company.
With the motto “Iranian can” and inviting design experts and industrial engineers, production, metallurgy, mechanics as well as technology transfer from reference manufacturing companies, this collection has taken an effective step in realizing the production of high quality products. The experience of sales and after-sales services of successful brands in the industry of road construction and mining machinery is aware of the needs of the audience and the market, and by transferring this importance to the field of production, it has taken an effective step towards improving the quality of domestic products.
According to the long-term goals of the company’s managers, the platform for designing and manufacturing other products such as: bulldozer, grader, roller, etc. is being prepared for domestic specialists, which will have a significant impact on creating employment for the young experts of our beloved Iran.

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At present, the products of the Shantui company, including bulldozers, loaders, rollers, graders, pipe layers, and forklifts, are offered to esteemed customers through this company. Also, Kobelco Japanese excavators in different tonnages can be supplied by Zagros vajehmachine Company.