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Forklift 3 tons diesel SF30

Forklift 3 tons diesel SF30

SHANTUI 3 ton diesel forklift SF30 model

A short introduction of Shantoi:

SHANTUI is one of the most famous Chinese state-owned factories in the field of forklift and machinery production. The production and supply of Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar and other famous Chinese brands of machine parts is one of the main activities of Shantoui factories. In line with forklift production, this company has become the main shareholder of China’s BAOLI brand. It should be noted that the BAOLI brand is a member of the German KION group, which produces (LINDE, STILL, BAOLI) brands.

3 ton diesel forklift manufactured by our factory in Iran:

The 3-ton Shantui diesel forklift, model SF30, is equipped with a Mitsubishi S4S Japanese engine and a high-powered KION gearbox, which, while having high efficiency and durability, is also optimized in terms of fuel consumption. By optimizing the fuel consumption in the 3-ton Shantoi SF30 model diesel forklift, the exhaust smoke from the engine has decreased, and as a result, the environmental pollution is reduced.

Equipping Shantoui 3 ton diesel forklift with the well-known Mitsu Bishi S4S engine, which is one of the best and most powerful engines in the current market, has been able to attract the satisfaction of 3 ton diesel forklift buyers.

KION gearbox and hydraulic pump (licensed by KION, Germany) in Shantoui 3 ton diesel forklift is one of the significant advantages of this forklift.

3 ton Shantoi diesel forklift SF30 model has the ability to work in unloading and loading environments of ports, all kinds of warehouses and production lines. Of course, if it is necessary to comply with health standards in the production and arrangement of goods in the warehouse and work in an environment with limited air circulation, a forklift with a dual fuel and electric engine is recommended.

According to the needs of the customer and the conditions of the workshop, the 3-ton Shantoi diesel forklift can be delivered with pneumatic or solid tires.

Built-in outlet for smoke and dust management:

Hot engine air, dust and smoke can affect operators over time. In Shantoi 3 ton diesel forklift, the exhaust outlet is designed in such a way that it is located outside the counter weight and does not affect the operator’s performance in the hot seasons of the year and when the machine is in reverse gear.

Great visibility in the front and back of the 3-ton Shantoui diesel forklift truck:

The Shantoi 3 ton diesel forklift rig is designed to provide a wide view for the operator to easily carry out loading and unloading operations.

Ordering various masts for 3-ton diesel forklifts includes two-stage, three-stage, 6-meter-high, four-stage, 6- or 7-meter-high mast in the future plans of this company. 3-stage and 4-stage masts, by reducing the height of the mast at the time of closing, create a better possibility to pass through the doors of cold storages and warehouses with low height.

The 3-ton Shantoi diesel forklift, model SF30, is one of the most demanded forklifts in the market and is a reliable equipment for buyers at work sites.


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