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Shantui SL58H loader

Shantui SL58H loader

Loudspeaker SL58H

The SL58H loader is one of the new loaders designed by the Shantui company and in cooperation with the Zagros machine company.

This loader is an advanced version of the popular SL50W-3 loader and is delivered to the customer in two classes.

The SL58H loader is provided to customers with reinforced rear chassis, front chassis, bucket, jacks, boom, etc. for tough working conditions. The specifications of this loader include the use of powerful Shanghai Diesel engines, the use of a powerful ZF 4WG200 mechanical and electric powershift gearbox, Permco pumps, and Meritor axles.

Zagros Machine Company has started to produce SL58H loader in Iran under a joint production contract with Shantui Company.



The chassis of the loader is one of the most stressed parts of the machine. Weakness in the chassis causes many problems in the operation of the device. In Shantoi loaders, the chassis of the device is reinforced and suitable for tough working conditions, and double-layer steel sheets with high hardness are used in all the high stress points of the chassis.

Front chassis:

The front chassis is also reinforced and suitable for tough working conditions, and in its various parts and steel sections, a bending system is used instead of welding in order to have the best efficiency and to maximize the life of the front chassis.

Rear weight:

The rear weight of the Shantoi machine is heavier than other machines in the market, and this change has made the loader perform better in the loading process, and the rear part of the machine has maximum balance when loading heavy materials and materials.


All the parts of Shantoi loader bucket are reinforced and long-lasting steel sheets are used in its construction. Also, most of the inner and outer parts of the bucket are double-layered and additional sheets are used to increase the lifespan of the bucket.


The boom of the Shantoi loader is stronger than the loaders of the same tonnage in the market and reinforced at the connection points to the body and bucket. Also, due to the pressure applied to this part during loading, all canvas welding is done with thermal process.


Shantui loader cabin is luxurious and has a beautiful design for the comfort of the operator. The cabin is equipped with a heating and cooling system and has sound and dust insulation. The design of Shantoi loader cab is such that it provides maximum 360 degree visibility for the operator while working.

Location of greasers:

One of the concerns of loader operators is the availability of greasing places for different parts of the machine, which Vajmasin Zagros company has placed and designed in the new design of this loader to facilitate greasing of all greasers in suitable and accessible parts.


Excel loader is a Meritor Shantui. This axle is one of the best brands of axle manufacturers in China, and Zagros Machine Company uses this brand in the production of loaders.

Engine :

Shantoui loader engine from Shanghai Diesel House (SDEC), which is actually the same old Caterpillar 3306 (C6121) engine that has been used in most Chinese loaders in the market, and the reason for its popularity is due to the low depreciation and high production power of this type of engine. It is also compatible with the fuel of most parts of the world.

gearbox :

For the SL58H loader, Shantui uses a powerful mechanical power shift gearbox with 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear and an electric ZF4WG200 gearbox with 4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears.


Another advantage of SL58H loaders, which makes them superior to loaders of the same size, is the machine jacks. The jacks used by Zagros Machine Company in this size of loader have a larger diameter, and as a result, the ability and power of these jacks is greater than their operational size.

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