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Excavator SE220LC

Excavator SE220LC

Excavator SE220LC

SHANTUI company is one of the largest companies active in the field of road construction, mining, asphalt and concrete machinery in the world and in China. Due to the long-term cooperation and joint production of SHANTUI company and KOMATSU company of Japan in the field of production of some machines such as excavators and bulldozers, and using the standards and technology of KOMATSU company of Japan, all kinds of excavators and bulldozers of SHANTUI company of quality, They have a high operating speed and useful life.

Some of the features of the SE220LC excavator (jointly produced by SHANTUI and Zagros Machine Company) are as follows:


In the SE220LC excavator (jointly produced by SHANTUI and Zagros Machine Company), the powerful CUMMINS B5.9C engine is used. Using the latest technology, optimal fuel consumption, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs, this engine has been widely welcomed all over the world.

This engine has 6 cylinders in line, its final output power is 150 horsepower and it has UERO II emission standard.

Hydraulic system:

Original and imported hydraulic parts are used in the SE220LC excavator (jointly produced by SHANTUI and Zagros Machine Company).

Excavator SE220LC has a K3V112 series main pump produced by KAWSAKI (produced in Japan), a rotary pump produced by KAWASAKI, Japan, and a drive motor produced by NABTESCO. (produced in Japan), is the main control valve produced in PARKER, Germany.


SE220LC excavator undercarriage (jointly produced by SHANTUI and Zagros Machine Company), produced by SHANTUI. Each chain of this device has 49 shoes, 2 upper rollers and 9 lower rollers.

Currently, SHANTUI is the largest manufacturer of undercarriage parts in China, and the main undercarriage parts for excavators and bulldozers of many famous brands in the world such as KOMATSU, VOLVO, HITACHI, ATLAS, etc. and many brands in China are produced The company is SHANTUI.

boom, stick, bucket:

Some parts of the SE220LC excavator are produced by Zagros Machine Company with the technical cooperation of SHANTUI. Zagros Machine Company uses modern technology in the production of these parts. And with heat treatment, welding, bending and machining done on these parts, it has increased its lifespan.

The standard length of the boom is 5700 mm, the standard length of the stick is 2925 mm, and the volume of the bucket is 1.05 cubic meters.

Some other features of this device are:

Long service life of parts
Easy access to parts during repairs
Speed of operation and high work efficiency
Optimal fuel consumption
Compatibility with the fuel used in different parts of the country
Adaptation to weather conditions in different parts of the country
Luxury cabin with cooler and heater and good visibility for the comfort of the machine operator
Warranty of 2000 working hours or one year (whichever comes first) from Zagros Machine Company

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نوع و قدرت پمپ آب

الکتروژن، 1/60 اسب بخار

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