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Things that are important before working with a forklift!!

Things that are important before working with a forklift!!

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1- Forklift license for the operator

Since many unfortunate incidents (while working with forklifts) are caused by the lack of skills of forklift operators, it is necessary for forklift operators to have a driver’s license in addition to learning the important safety points of working with forklifts.

2- Proper coverage

Forklift operators must be equipped with shoes, helmets and jackets with reflective strips to work with forklifts.

Also, avoid wearing loose clothing that prevents working with forklift tools.

At the same time, the operator’s shoes and hands must be dry.

3-Visit the forklift before starting work

Forklifts must be inspected before each use.

Brake control, lights, horn and steering wheel
Inspection of the mast and guard above the driver’s head to detect damage
Inspection of tires and engine oil levels, brake hydraulics and radiator water
Inspection of the tentacles to detect any cracks or bends
4- Attention to the capacity of the forklift

Excess weight over the specified capacity will cause the rear wheels to rise and overturn.

5- Attention to the balance of the forklift

Forklifts are built based on the balance triangle. In fact, the forklift receives help from three points, including the two front wheels and the middle point of the steering axis (the axis that connects and directs the rear wheels). If you connect these three points, the balance triangle of the forklift is formed, which the operators They should be loaded according to the center of gravity to prevent the forklift from overturning. In fact, the further the center of gravity is from the load center, the nominal capacity of the forklift will decrease.

6- Ensuring that the load is balanced and safe on the fork of the forklift

When the load is placed on the fork, make sure it is balanced on the fork and when moving, tilt the forklift mast backwards. Lower the tentacles as low as possible to increase your field of vision.

7- Maintaining a 360-degree field of view

Lower the forks so that they are in the lowest position on the ground. If the load on the forks restricts your vision, select the rear field of vision for movement by shifting to reverse gear. Always try to find the best position for the elite and vision Choose full relative to the rack floors in unloading. Always be polite to passers-by and other workers around the workplace. Always keep your eyes on the road. Your field of vision increases with the rearview mirror.

8- Marking on the ground to specify the path of the forklift

Mark the passage of workers and passers-by with signs and tapes on the ground. Of course, forklifts will have a safe way to move.

9- Not using a forklift to move or lift another person

Never allow another person to stand with the driver or next to the driver and control the tools and movement of the forklift. Also, do not use the forklift to lift another person. If necessary, use a safe place (special basket) that is connected to the forks take advantage

10- Attention to environmental signs and regulations of the work environment

Turn on the forklift lights when working at night and in places where you need to be seen more.

11- Moving at the allowed speed in the work area and not stopping or suddenly turning the forklift
12-Complete respect for the equipment and machines around you that are stopped or working and move while maintaining a safe distance from them.
13- Avoiding standing or moving under the raised forks of the forklift
14- Refueling the forklift in a safe place that has proper ventilation and is free from any sparks and flames.
15- After finishing the work, park the forklift in the specified position. This position should not be the path of others.
16- Placing the tentacles as low as possible and removing the switch after turning off the forklift.